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in the Pretoria & Johannesburg Area

We don’t just make food, we create awesome dishes of deliciousness for your function or table.

Chef of Taste

Our Delicious story

We are like the food-smiths of Foodies, we create food that is beautiful and full of great flavours and taste.

Private Chef  – As your Private Chef we take care of everything from menu planning to shopping ingredients, cooking, serving and even cleaning your kitchen. This gives you the freedom to be the perfect hostess  or host to your guest. This option is perfect for smaller and more intimate events.

Private Chef Service brings the restaurant experience into your home. It is an exclusive service and is meant to impress your guests. Imagine coming home and the smell of delicious food is circulating through your home – your personal chef has arrived. Know the luxury that your food needs are taken care off with our Private Chef Service.

Part of our Private Chef Service is exclusivity, in other words the menu and food we design and prepare for you, will never be repeated again. This was your menu and your special dinner and we want you to cherish the memory as such. Each dinner is planned to surpass expectation that the client requests, we are a complete circle, we bring everything to the function. Why go to a restaurant, when the chef can come to you. Part of service is to consider your unique lifestyle and cuisine preferences, our professional and experienced brigade of chefs will ensure that we meet your requirements.

Catering – Want to impress a larger crowd with delectable morsels of taste and flavour? Our catering service is the answer. This option is suitable for larger crowds and smaller canapé style food.

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Beef Curry
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Private Chef Service
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Harvest Tables & Tapas
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Canapés & Bowl Foods

Featured Delicacies

from our hands to your lips

we source fresh and as far as possible organic and free range produce from local farmers and small producers. We are passionate about food and seek out those producers who treat their animals and produce ethically well and who are committed to the “good food journey” and welfare of their animals and produce.

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