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Learn more about us and our food philosophy and journey and how we bring the restaurant experience to your table through our Private Chef Service in the Pretoria & Johannesburg area.

This is Chef Willie

more than just a caterer

we design and compile a tailor-made menu for you, we assist you with wine selection and we prep, cook, plate and serve the food for you, all in the comfort of your home, while you smile and wave and look fabulous to your guests.

Part and parcel of our service is to put you in contact with excellent event managers, florists, decor companies, venues and other services should you require it. Our aim is to serve amazing food in awesome environments. We absolutely look forward to plan your next breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Who is Chef Willie Cloete
I made a career change from graphic designer to chef in 2010. I studied culinary arts at Steyn’s Culinary School in Hatfield, Pretoria. In 2011 I was a finalist in the Sunday Times Stalwart of the Kitchen Competition. From 2015 – 2017 I run and cooked in my own restaurants, serving great food to the public. I have been a guest chef on two cooking shows. My first appearance is on Boerekos met ‘n Twist with well-known chef and food consultant Annelien Pienaar and I featured as the guest chef in the programme Spyskaart on SABC 2. My recipes has been published by Woolworths in the Taste Magazine and also in the cookbook Market Food by Dianne Stewart.
My Food Philosophy
My food philosophy is simple: from farmer to table I select farmers and producers who treat their animals and produce with respect and who care for their environment by being responsible and ethical producers. To this end, I have personal relationships with most of my suppliers, I have visited theirs farms or plots and I had extensive conversations with them about the welfare of their animals and products. You are assured that you get only the best produce on your plate.
Private Chef
This service focus on you as the individual client. You are as unique as your menu that we will design and execute for you. This service is highly individual and is based on what you like and what you would see on a plate. The beauty of this service is that you get the restaurant experience in the comfort of your home. This service is typically aimed at smaller groups of min 10 up to 50 people.
Bespoke Catering
Large function, lots of people and looking for tasty and interesting food? Tired of the old brown platters with oily samoosas, dry meat balls and everything drizzled with balsamic reduction or sweet chili sauce? We have an exciting Catering Menu from which you can choose interesting items to satisfy your guests appetites.

Our Food Policy

As a chef I care what I put on your plate and for this reason we have selected small farmers and producers whom we have met and know who  care about the food you eat. We care how your food was treated before it became nourishment for you and above all we care about the environment and the impact we have on our world. To this end, we choose local, small and independent producers who farm and produce your food in an etchically and morally conscious way, who care deeply for their animals and produce by adopting non-harmful and good farming practices. 

Our Core Values

We choose food and produce that is…

  • Fresh & Locally produced
  • Free from pesticides & insecticides
  • Produced according to sustainable farming methods
  • Well treated and loved before it becomes nourishment for us

Meet the Chefs

Meet the taste experts

At the helm of every operation stands Chef Willie Cloete, who ensures that the chefs who collaborate with him adhere to the high standards and quality plates and food he envisioned for his business and clients.

Collaboration is the key...

Be a part of our team

I do not employ chefs, but collaborate with various chefs on a regular basis. This collaboration ensures that there is always fresh and innovative ideas coming from the various chefs.

chef willie

Willie Cloete

owner | chef

Khansani Baloyi

Khensani Baloyi

collaborating Chef

Basil Jordan

Basil Jordan

collaborating Chef

Jess Bailey

Jessica Bailey

Collaborating Chef

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