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Canapés & Bowl Food

Canapés and Bowl Food are typically served cold and to large groups of people. It is ideal for launches, functions and events where there is a large gathering of people who needs to be impressed with amazing food.

What is on Offer

food in one bite


A canapé is a type of hors d’œuvre, a small, prepared and often decorative food, consisting of a small piece of bread, puff pastry, or a cracker topped with some savoury food, held in the fingers and often eaten in one bite. Cost starts from R120 per person up to R250 per person depending on your selection and number of people. Minimum of 50 pax for Canapés to be served.

Bowl Food

We took our inspiration for our range of bowls food from the very trendy and popular Buddha Bowl and Japanese Ramen. We combined the two to bring you exciting flavour combinations and something different to serve your guests. Cost starts from R100 per person up to R300 per person depending on your selection.

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