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Sometimes we all need to brag a little, be show-offs or just showcase the best of what we do, this is my page for that.  Check-in here to see what makes me super proud to be a chef and your service provider.

Chef's Brag Page

what makes me a chef

This is my BRAG Page – here you meet me as chef and the stuff that I really like to make. From time to time I will publish photos of my food, myself or functions I did where I felt the food was really exceptional and worth bagging about. We all need to sometimes give ourselves a pat on the shoulder and affirm that we do things right and this page is where I do this.

Latest Brag Video: Recently we had a fun day where we presented our client with a Private Cooking class, sharing skills, ideas and learning new plating skills and some industry secrets.

This is me bragging about my Cheesecakes, have a look at the video. I do bake a magnificent sweet and savoury cheesecake and my Cheesecake with a Carrot Cake base is legendary.

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